To Valentine’s Day or Not To Valentine’s Day? That is the question.

"Valentine's day is so commercial, it's a Hallmark holiday, I'd rather get a gift any other day of the year, it's so unsustainable..."

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Valentine’s Day is the second largest card-giving holiday after Christmas and New Year cards, with over one billion cards given on the holiday. These cards are often laminated in plastic, covered in glitter, or decorated in a way that makes them unable to be recycled. Add the other throwaway gifts, like flowers, balloons and decorations, and Valentine’s Day can be quite challenging on the environment.


Living in these strange times for more than 2 years now, when a lot of our memories made were confusing, sad or angry, we found that celebrating love has become more important than ever. Let this February 14 be a time worth remembering. Love is the coolest thing to do this year, next to pottery baking ;-). If ever there was a time to tell your loved ones how you feel, it's now. And years from now, when we all look back at this time, you’ll have a Valentine’s Day to remember.

Whether it’s celebrating your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, your pet, or yourself — go all out. Write the (recyclable) cards. Make the dinner and have the dessert. Give extra cuddles. Buy the (impactful) present.

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Impactful gift idea - refillable powder-to-liquid soap


And don’t stop on Valentine’s Day. Celebrate love wherever, however, and as often as you can, because if we’ve learned one thing from this pandemic, it’s that life is precious and love even more so.

Remember, there is no black or white when trying to make more conscious decisions. Being imperfectly sustainable is just fine. Every step is a step in the right direction. YOU DO YOU.


With love,
Co-founder MŌRO Essentials