concentrated body care.
just add water.

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Why ship water?

Most liquid soaps contain 80% water, wrapped in single use-plastic.

Our concentrated powder refills help you go from single-use to reusable. From shipping water to shipping waterless.
Just add tap water.

Buy the bottle once, Refill forever

Imperfectly sustainable

The finest natural fragrances. Vegan & skin friendly ingredients. Carefully packed with future-proof materials.

However, we are not perfect. What we are is honest. We look for the best options that are kind for you and our planet while maintaining comfort. Sustainability is not black or white. Every step counts.

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What our customers say

"It's a feast for the senses, not too overwhelming but soft clean scent. The scent also stays for a long time and I love that"

Lizette B.

"My hands feel so soft after washing! The texture is a bit more liquid than I'm used to, but still amazing experience."

Sarah M.

"The soap was very easy to make. I love the initiative and will definitely keep using the refills. Can't wait for shampoo."

Laura V.

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